Vampire Claudia's World

I'm a Registered nurse, clay artist, certified forensic nurse wannabe, bookworm, runemaster, and a proud Filipino.
LOVES: The Vampire Chronicles. My Chemical Romance. Sweets. Prince Amedeo of Belgium. Dolls. Pets. Anime. Asian Dramas. Forensic Science. Gothic Lolita Fashion. Books and Coffee
HATES: Corruption. Human Misery. Animal Cruelty. Discrimination. Injustice and Boredom. This blog will serve as an outlet of my obsessions, thoughts and whatever that just catches my interest. Some of the things that I'll post are not mine. :)

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But then he is so good at grieving! He wears woe as others wear velvet; sorrow flatters him like the light of candles; tears become him like jewels.

Well, none of that trash works with me.

Lestat, The Tale of the Body Thief

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